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Yoga for You

Discover Your Path

I’ve been practicing yoga for the last 20 years and decided to train as a Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. I have since gone on to train in Children's Yoga and Teen Yoga.

My passion is to share the practice of yoga with all, so everyone can feel the benefits and cultivate an at home practice full of self-love and honour.

'We cannot pour from an empty cup...' right? 

The practice of Yoga (on and off the mat) helps us to become better people, better humans. To support and love one another. This cannot be done until we truly love ourselves. 

Through a regular consistent Yoga practice, you will of course tone the body, get fit, build strength and flexibility, However, the true magic happens on the inside.

How you feel as you move, marrying the breath and movement together,

How you breathe fully and utilise your breath for what you need that day in, 

How your outlook on life becomes more positive and mindful, 

How your communication with others becomes more meaningful.

All of these things combined can help you to relieve stress, tension and trauma, to enable you to sleep better, eat more healthily and have a more positive outlook on life. Mind, Body and Soul!

Take Time for YOU to...

Pause, Breathe and Connect.

Whether it is a 1:1 Yoga session, Yoga in schools, family yoga or public classes. I have a practice that is designed for you.

Come and join me and let's see what we can discover.

Love and Kindness



Classes Online

From my home to yours, what a great way to start an at home practice. 

Please do not be put off by this class being online. It is a warm welcoming online community and everyone is made to feel welcome. Giving you the opportunity to get comfortable in your at home practice

Roll out your mat, wear comfortable clothes, fire up your device, click on the class link from booking email and you will be directed to Zoom, where I will be there waiting to greet you.

Let's connect, move and breathe together x


Yoga Classes 

Online and On Demand

Designed From the Heart Just for You

The last 15 months have certainly been a roller coaster with uncertain challenging times.

Yoga has kept me going and given me the opportunity to keep connected to my students and to welcome new ones online. Through this a wonderful community has been formed at Hands to Heart Wellness and it has been a joy to watch this flourish.

New students are always welcome.

When you join my classes, you will be made to feel very welcome and at ease.

I will you guide you through the practice, giving modifications where needed allowing you to connect to your body and breath, finding what feels right for you in that moment.

Take a minute to look at my weekly schedule and BOOK ONLINE today.

Any questions feel free to get in touch x

For those times when you can't make a live class, do not fear...On demand has your back!

 On Demand, where you will find a library full of classes, that vary in length and style, from vinyasa flows to slow and gentle, time to chill or energise, breathing practices and meditations.

Something for everyone. 


Go and check it out HERE

Yoga Class

Morning Flow



* Online *

A morning class where we flow, marrying the movement with the breath, building a little 'Tapas' (heat) within.

 chance to let go and release tensions and impurities, whilst toning and building strength.

Grab a mat, don’t forget your water bottle, and relax into a soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centred and renewed.

Book online today.


Rise and Shine



* Online *

This class is short and sweet. A 30 minute practice, full of Sun salutations, twists and flows, to Awaken, Energise and Detoxify the body for the day ahead.
Ending with a 5 minute meditation.
No limit on attendees- Book today

Instructor performing yoga with seniors

Over 55's

Yoga & Mindfulness

A FREE fully funded course. Funded by Active Devon and One South Molton

Every class will be tailored to the group, where we build upon the foundations cemented at each class. We will practice an hour of gentle Yoga and mindfulness.

All participants are also encouraged to get outdoors, finding time to walk and breathe. Ideally this could be daily but as much as you can would be beneficial.

It will be delivered online via Kuula  Tv (using zoom)

This is delivered in 10 week blocks, allowing students to build upon the foundations from the weeks before.

All participants are encouraged to attend all 10 sessions where possible and need to fill in a form prior to attendance.

Discover the benefits of yoga, starting at the beginning and building on those foundations.

Click the sign up button below so you can fill in the form and start your Yoga journey with Hands to Heart Wellness


Friday Morning Energise

Power and Peace



This full body energising practice is full of creative sequences. We start off slow, immersing ourselves in the breath and movement and when we get to grips with the flow we pick up the pace a little. Always finishing with a lovely relaxation.

Leaving you feeling centered, renewed and energised.

Click book now and I look forward to seeing you on the mat.