Yoga for You - Discover Your Path

I’ve been practicing yoga for the last 20 years and decided to train as a Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. I have since gone on to train in Children's Yoga and Teen Yoga. My passion is to share the practice of yoga with all, so everyone can feel the benefits and cultivate an at home practice full of self-love and honour. 'We cannot pour from an empty cup...' right? The practice of Yoga (on and off the mat) helps us to become better people, better humans. To support and love one another. This cannot be done until we truly love ourselves. Through a regular consistent Yoga practice, you will of course tone the body, get fit, build strength and flexibility, However, the true magic happens on the inside. How you feel as you move, marrying the breath and movement together, How you breathe fully and utilise your breath for what you need that day in, How your outlook on life becomes more positive and mindful, How your communication with others becomes more meaningful. All of these things combined can help you to relieve stress, tension and trauma, to enable you to sleep better, eat more healthily and have a more positive outlook on life. Mind, Body and Soul! ​ Take Time for YOU to... Pause, Breathe and Connect. Whether it is a 1:1 Yoga session, Yoga in schools, family yoga or public classes. I have a practice that is designed for you. ​ Come and join me and let's see what we can discover. ​ Love and Kindness Xxx

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