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Children's Yoga

Empowering Kids and Teens through a mindful fun practice

Children's yoga helps to promote a healthy body and mind without the competitiveness that comes with most other sports. Some children really struggle to feel comfortable in a 'PE' environment, feeling that they are not quite good enough or comparing themselves to their peers. Yoga gives children of all ages the chance to feel accepted and to know that they don't have to compete all the time.  Children will learn how to manage stress through breathing exercises; allowing them to use the breath as a tool in everyday life. You will see an improvement in self-regulation, focus, empathy, improved health and confidence. This can also help them to have better night's sleep, which will help to elevate their mood. Children's yoga promotes inclusivity and improves their concentration, coordination and balance. 

As children grow, hormones come into the mix a lot more and specific yoga poses and classes are tailored to help older children and teens deal with these emotions. See it as a tool kit for self-regulation, confidence and acceptance.

The classes are tailored for each age group, including games, partner work, breath work and storytelling to develop body awareness, imagination and help achieve a relaxed state of mind.

Classes can be taught in schools during the day as part of the PE/PSHE curriculum, before/after school clubs or as a stand alone public class.

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Kids Yoga Class

Monday's 4pm Online through Kuula Tv  (using Zoom)

This 30 minute class is designed for kids aged 7- 11 years of age but the whole family can join in if they would like to :) I will share the benefits of yoga with your child through stories, breathwork, dance and relaxation. Learning how to use our breath to regulate emotions, hormones and behaviour. Relaxation and self massage, (feet, hands, face) to help your child relax, find calmness and improve sleep. Above all your child will have fun, laugh and learn tools for self regulation and acceptance that will hopefully stay with them for life.

Children in Yoga Class