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Hands to Heart
1:1 Yoga

Discover Your Path

Designed from the Heart Just for You!

Do you have an injury or health condition and want help to manage this?

Are you suffering from stress and anxiety?

Are you struggling to sleep and find a bit of head space?

Or perhaps, 

the public class times don't fit in with your schedule?

Maybe you haven't experienced yoga before and want to see what it's all about...

These 1:1 sessions are carefully tailored for your individual needs. 

When working on a 1:1 basis with me, you will benefit from bespoke, individually tailored sessions, that are totally focused on your needs or goals. 

Clients choose 1:1 Yoga for many reasons; to relax and de-stress, for pain management, to help with anxiety and depression, to increase flexibility and strength, to work on a particular pose or perhaps to familiarise with common yoga poses before attending a class or maybe it is solely to focus on Mindfulness and breathwork. 

Whatever your reason for considering 1:1 Yoga sessions with Hands to Heart Wellness, be sure to get in touch. 

Fliss is always happy to discuss any concerns or to give you more information.

1 x 60min Session £40

3 x 60min Session £110 (saving £10)

5 x 60 min Session £180 (saving £20)

8 x 60 min Session £280 (saving £40)

10 x 60 min Session £330 (saving £70)

(Please note-First session takes 90 minutes with a free 30 minute consultation)